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Global Game Jam 2014 “ZAP”

ZAP ggj 2014

This game is made at the GGJ 2014 at Genk.

After finding out the theme of GGJ : “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” We started thinking about TV and how people keep zapping away their shows.

The game adds a fly on the screen that try’s to run over the screen to the other side. But on the screen their are obstacles where the fly wouldn’t pass. You as player need to zap away from the channel on the right time to the correct channel to avoid those obstacles.

Horror + obstakels2

The game is played with a TV-remote so it feels like you are really switching channels. But it can also be played by keyboard.

The arrows up and down are used to switch channels.

The Numpad or numbers are used to select in the menu.

The game features 3 scenes and 1 level. But we had time to design 1 more level en 2 more scenes

sci2 western


I want to thank my whole team for making such a brilliant game in such a short time

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